How to manage the scheduled posts

Publish to all network accounts and email leads at once.
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How to manage the scheduled posts

Post by kokoshungsan » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:52 am

Posts Scheduled tab allows easily find scheduled posts by navigating through day, week and month calendar. It displays the scheduled post’s image, video cover, short text and social networks were will be published.

If a post has more images, will be displayed only the first, if a post has a video, will be displayed the cover. If the post will be published in more than 7 social networks, will be displayed only 7 icons.

By clicking on the scheduled posts, you can see the post preview, all social networks where will be published and you can cancel the scheduled post. You can delete any post from the Scheduler.

If you click on any date, you will be able to quick schedule a new post. The popup post composer is limited but allows to schedule a poster in the faster way possible.

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