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Multimedia Gallery

Post by kokoshungsan » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:51 am

From the version SocialPostALl will have a new Multimedia gallery. We’ve written a Jquery’s plugin which will allow to easy upload photos/videos and use them in Midrub.

The multimedia gallery supports the formats: png, jpeg, gif, mp4, webm, avi and maybe in future will be added new formats.

Was added support for photos/videos from Google Drive and DropBox. Now you can enable these from admin and allow to users to imports photos and video from Google Drive and DropBox in their gallery.

Was added a new field in the admin -> plans where you can add storage for users. Users will see in real time the free space in their multimedia gallery.

To save resources, the Multimedia Gallery creates thumbnails for videos and images with resolution 150×150 and in this way the images/photos are loaded faster. The Multimedia Gallery has even pagination for the uploaded multimedia files.

Users can drag and drop or click on a link to upload photos and videos.

Images and video from external link aren’t supported more.

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