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Post Composer

Post by kokoshungsan » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:45 am

SocialPostAll will have a new post composer from the version The new post composer is more intuitive and easy to use. It provides a list with the most used accounts in the last 30 days and user can select them with a click. User can use the search input to find a non displayed account. Search results are based on popularity(first the most used accounts).

The new post composer has a new emoji plugin with nice emojies. User can use a search input to find wanted emojies or can search by categories.

The new post composer has a multimedia gallery where user can easily upload photos and videos and add them in the post. Multi images/video select is supported too.

Was changed the link preview tool and link add to post feature. I’m looked how works the social networks and added same idea. User will enter an url in the post and will see the preview. If user don’t delete the preview, the url will be attached to post. If preview is deleted, the url will be like a simple url.

Was changed the scheduler. Now it looks like on the most popular soial sharing tools. Will be added even hashtag input which will work like the post title.

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