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Post by kokoshungsan » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:42 am

In the last update was updated the SocialPostAll’s bot, called Inlike. Now it searches photos based on hashtags. You need to know the hashtags available on Instagram, not all words are hashtags.

You can manage your saved searches:

See the related photos
You have a direct link too the user page
You can like/unlike the photos manually
You can like/unlike the photos automatically
You can delete the saved search with a click
A liked photo will not be more liked if you will not delete the saved searches

The speed of automatic follows depends on your cron jobs. 4 cron calls = 1 follow. If your server runs the cron commans once in 15 minutes, will be followed 1 user per hour.

At each search will be saved 20 photos. Don’t worry to search same hashtags again, because the bot returns the last uploaded photos.

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