Publish to all network accounts and email leads at once.
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Post by kokoshungsan » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:05 pm

Dmitas is the bot which allows you to follow back all users. Dmitas follow back any new Instagram user and sends a direct message. With this bot you can create a custom message for all your Instagram accounts and it will follow back all people which will follow you.

Dmitas provides a list with all new followed users and you can see which have received successfully a direct message and which not. Dmitas shows even statistics with number of new friends and which had received a direct message.

Dmitas doesn’t require any configuration. You have enable any Instagram account to follow back all your new followers. Remember: Dmitas follows back only new followers. If you add your message, it will be send, if no, no.

You can get more information about Dmitas in the video bellow

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