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Visam Bot
« on: November 09, 2017, 03:36:04 PM »
SocialPostAll Visam is the last SocialPostAllís Bot. SocialPostAll Visam is a bot for VK. With SocialPostAll Visam you can search users on VK, follow and unfollow them. SocialPostAll Visam allows you to follow/unfollow users manually or automatically. Each saved search can contain until 20 users.

The VKís api for follow/unfollow allows you to follow up to 3 users per hour. After 3 users, you will have to fill in a captcha form if you will use the manually way. For automatically follow/unfollow iíve increased the time interval.

For each founded user, you can see the username, fullname and profile picture.

If you want to use this bot, delete your VK connect accounts and connect again because iíve added a new permissions.