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Hold on tight as the eBook industry skyrockets into a jaw-dropping realm of unprecedented value! Brace yourself for an electrifying journey as the eBook market soars to an astonishing USD 16.42 billion in 2023, with projections to skyrocket to an incredible USD 20.74 billion by 2028. And guess what? You can be part of this exhilarating wave!

Enter the Era of AI-Infused Brilliance!

Prepare to be mesmerized by the AI revolution! AI tools like ChatGPT have become the catalysts for an explosive surge in the number of e-books flooding the market. The game-changing power of artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape, setting it ablaze with skyrocketing sales and untapped potential.

Your Gateway to eBook Success!

Embark on a thrilling adventure with E-Scribe, the cutting-edge software powered by AI and ChatGPT. Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience, as this state-of-the-art solution takes you by the hand and propels you into the ranks of the industry's elite.

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Say goodbye to hours of research, tedious outlines, and endless writing. With AI WRITER PRO, you have your very own eBook writer, meticulously crafted by one of the industry's top software experts. It's like having a dedicated wordsmith at your fingertips, ready to create captivating masterpieces across a diverse range of genres.

Ignite Your Imagination: Explore Thrilling eBook Genres!

Dive headfirst into a world of limitless possibilities as AI WRITER PRO unlocks the doors to the most popular eBook genres. From gripping mysteries to mind-bending science fiction, heartwarming romances to spine-chilling horror, pulse-pounding thrillers to enchanting fantasies, and so much more, the power to create any genre you desire is in your hands.

Become an Overnight eBook
Publisher with AI WRITER PRO

Dreaming of becoming a published author? With AI WRITER PRO, your dreams can become a reality overnight. This powerful system empowers you to transform into an eBook publisher effortlessly. Wave goodbye to tedious research, complex outlines, and the daunting task of writing – AI WRITER PRO handles it all for you, leaving you free to bask in the glory of your newfound author success.

Create A Best Seller in Three Simple Clicks

  • STEP ONE: 

    Kickstart your journey by entering your project name, choosing a category, or creating a new one. Select your desired word count per chapter and determine the number of chapters you need. Add your topic of choice and decide on your target audience and writing tone. It's as easy as that!


     Watch as our intelligent system generates ten intriguing book title ideas. Choose the one that speaks to you or click "regen" for another round of ten creative suggestions. You can even manually edit the titles to give them a personal touch. Once you've made your choice, click "next" and get ready for the next step!


    Let the magic unfold as our system outlines your book. Customize and refine the outline to suit your preferences, or hit "regen" to explore more possibilities. Click "next," and voila! Our AI gets to work, meticulously building your eBook with precision and speed. It's that simple!

  • Your New Book Is Ready For Publishing

    ✨ Your eBook, Your Way: Format, Edit, and Share with Ease! ✨

  • But wait, there's more! 

    Our tool empowers you to personalize your eBook to perfection. Want to change the font, add images, or include hyperlinks? You can do it all directly within the software. The power is in your hands! Once you're satisfied, download your eBook in PDF, text, or doc format. And guess what? Your creation is stored securely in the software, allowing you to revisit and make edits at any time. You can even regenerate the entire book if you desire!




Your New Book Is Ready For Publishing !

Take A Look At Some of the eBooks Created With AI WRITER PRO

Watch The Magic Happen

A 6,000+ word eBook created before your eyes in just a few minutes....

How Easy Was That?

Imagine the endless horizons that await as you effortlessly produce a myriad of captivating eBooks across a multitude of captivating topics. Brace yourself for a transformation into a prolific publisher on the mighty Amazon, the unrivaled titan that claims an astounding 80% of eBook sales in the US.

Our revolutionary AI-driven platform, AI Writer Pro, doesn't just remove the hurdles of content creation; it grants you access to a treasure trove of untapped profit opportunities.

Wrap your mind around this astonishing fact: Amazon, the undisputed ruler of online retail, sells a mind-boggling 487 million eBooks through Kindle every year. When it comes to the eBook market, Amazon holds an astonishing 67% share, and with the inclusion of Kindle Unlimited, that dominance skyrockets to an overwhelming 83%. It's a virtually unexplored empire within the realm of eBooks.

Every single year, Amazon's Kindle platform launches a staggering 1.4 million self-published books through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). And that number doesn't even account for the countless self-published eBooks without registered ISBN numbers. In reality, Amazon's self-publishing ecosystem is even more expansive.

This makes Kindle Direct Publishing the undisputed champion of self-published eBooks, even without official figures. In fact, self-published books contribute to a remarkable 31% of Amazon's eBook sales! And the rewards? Amazon pays over $520 million annually to over 1 million authors who have chosen the path of self-publishing through KDP.

But let's delve deeper into the possibilities. AI Writer Pro goes beyond being a mere eBook creation tool; it serves as your gateway into this vibrant and lucrative market. It streamlines the entire eBook creation process, empowering you to focus on sharing your work with the world. When combined with the unparalleled reach of Amazon, your potential earnings could skyrocket to unimaginable heights.

Unlock Your Success in the eBook Universe with AI Writer Pro and Amazon. The stage is set, and the possibilities are limitless. Seize this remarkable opportunity and embark on a journey to transform your dreams into a reality.

Over 1600 eBooks Are Published
Every Day On Amazon

Get ready to witness the explosive growth of the ebook industry, where a staggering 1,600 ebooks are published daily on Amazon alone. This staggering number unveils a vibrant landscape brimming with limitless potential. It's time to join the publishing revolution and carve out your own path in this thriving digital realm.

Embrace the Digital Publishing Revolution: Seize the Opportunity!

The ebook market is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and now is the perfect moment to make your mark. With over 1,600 ebooks hitting the virtual shelves every day on Amazon, the sheer magnitude of this figure paints a vivid picture of the abundant opportunities that lie ahead. Don't miss out on your chance to be part of this booming industry. It's time to claim your spot in the digital landscape and embark on a publishing journey like no other.

Just Some Of The Ways You Can Use AI WRITER PRO


Lead generation is the key to attracting potential customers and growing your business. And one of the most effective ways to do this is by offering value upfront. That's where eBooks come in.

Imagine this: You possess a wealth of knowledge that your potential customers crave. By packaging that knowledge into an eBook and offering it for free on your website in exchange for contact information, you can build a valuable list of interested prospects. Converting them into paying customers becomes a breeze.

This strategy isn't just a concept; it's a proven method used by successful businesses worldwide. However, creating an eBook can be a daunting task involving extensive research, writing, editing, and formatting. That's where AI Writer Pro comes to the rescue.

With AI Writer Pro, you can effortlessly create high-quality eBooks in minutes, not weeks. Just provide a few relevant keywords, and let AI Writer Pro work its magic. Within moments, you'll have an eBook ready to serve as a powerful lead magnet, attracting potential customers and propelling your business to new heights.


The print-on-demand model has revolutionized the world of authors, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Let's explore why.

Print on demand allows you to print books only when they are demanded, eliminating upfront investments and the hassles of stock handling. You can focus on what truly matters – creating and selling your books.

But the true power of this model lies in its global reach. Platforms like Amazon's KDP, Lulu, and IngramSpark offer international exposure, connecting your books with millions of potential readers worldwide.

So, how does AI Writer Pro fit into the equation? With AI Writer Pro, you can effortlessly transform your eBooks into print-ready files for print-on-demand services. Now, you're not just selling digital copies but also catering to readers who crave the tangible experience of a physical book.

But it doesn't stop at books. Print on demand opens doors to customized merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and posters, creating additional revenue streams and expanding your earning potential.

However, success in print on demand hinges on offering quality products. With AI Writer Pro, rest assured that your eBooks and print books are of the highest quality, making them irresistible to your potential customers.

Seize the opportunities in print on demand with AI Writer Pro. Embrace this dynamic business model, and let your creativity flourish on a global scale.


Self-publishing has transformed countless lives, enabling individuals to share their stories, knowledge, and even generate income. This trend is not fading away; it's skyrocketing at an astounding rate, backed by undeniable statistics.

Now, picture having a tool that can accelerate your journey in this thrilling industry. Enter AI Writer Pro. We've revolutionized the eBook creation process, providing you with a powerful tool that makes self-publishing not only achievable but remarkably easy.

With a few simple clicks, you can create a high-quality eBook ready for publication. We're here to guide you and help you seize the opportunities in this billion-dollar industry. Claim your rightful place in the self-publishing world with AI Writer Pro.

Explore Exciting Possibilities for Your eBooks

Looking to maximize the potential of your eBooks? Here are some creative ways to make the most of your digital creations:

Private Label Rights (PLR): Offer your eBook with PLR, granting buyers the rights to brand and sell it as their own. It's a win-win, adding value to their brand while providing you with a steady income stream.

Affiliate Marketing: Embed affiliate links within your eBook. Each time a reader purchases a product or service through your link, you earn a commission. It's a smart way to monetize your content.

Transform it into a Course: If your eBook offers instructional content, repurpose it into an online course. Platforms like Udemy or Teachable can host your course, exposing it to a wider audience and generating additional revenue.

Licensing Opportunities: Explore licensing options for your eBook with schools, libraries, or businesses. By providing them with valuable content, you can earn fees each time the eBook is borrowed or accessed.

Sponsorship and Advertising: Businesses related to your eBook's topic may be interested in sponsoring your work or placing targeted ads within it. This creates an additional income stream while aligning with your content.

Embrace these exciting opportunities to expand the reach and profitability of your eBooks. Unlock their full potential and watch your success soar to new heights.


Don't miss your chance to ride the tidal wave of the eBook market explosion. Embrace the future with AI WRITER PRO, the AI-powered tool that transforms aspiring writers into publishing powerhouses. With AI WRITER PRO, there are no limits, no research, no building outlines, and definitely no writing – just pure creative freedom and unrivaled success.

AI Writer Pro is a game-changer! As an aspiring author, I've always struggled with the daunting task of creating engaging eBooks. But with AI Writer Pro, the process has become incredibly easy and efficient. The AI-powered software generates high-quality content in a matter of minutes, saving me valuable time and effort. The results are impressive I highly recommend AI Writer Pro to anyone looking to streamline their eBook creation process and achieve professional-level results.


AI Writer Pro is a true lifesaver for my business. As a marketer, I understand the importance of lead generation, and eBooks have been a key component of my strategy. With AI Writer Pro, I can quickly create engaging eBooks that attract potential customers and drive conversions. The simplicity of the platform is remarkable – I just input a few keywords, and the software generates well-structured, informative content that resonates with my audience. The flexibility to easily customize the eBooks to match my brand is a huge bonus. AI Writer Pro has become an invaluable tool in my marketing arsenal.


AI Writer Pro has exceeded my expectations in every way. As a self-published author, I was searching for a solution that would streamline my eBook creation process without compromising quality. AI Writer Pro delivered precisely that. The AI-powered software produces well-researched, engaging eBooks that rival the work of experienced writers. I appreciate the intuitive interface, which makes it incredibly easy to use even for someone with limited technical skills. With AI Writer Pro, I can confidently create and publish eBooks that resonate with my readers, elevating my author career to new heights. It's a must-have tool for any writer or author looking to enhance their productivity and output.


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Don't let your ideas remain dormant any longer. With our AI eBook creator, you hold the key to becoming a published author. Join our online membership now, and let your creativity soar to new heights. Success is just a few clicks away!

Remember, the world awaits your words. Embrace the power of our tool and let your voice be heard!

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